Doing good for the community is profitable.

Southern Cadence Cuisine is a for profit business with a purpose (think Patagonia).

Chef Michelle Morris is the mastermind and conscious capitalist behind it all. With an exuberant voice, we couldn’t help but invite her to moderate a panel at Own Your Voice Summit.

Chef Michelle has converted her conversations into opportunities naturally because of how much practice she gets by consistently public speaking, and having to constructively think on the fly with her audience.

One day when Chef Michelle was taking her son to school she noticed they canned goods being served to the students, and a lightbulb went off. Now SCC Kids is growing in Houston schools where students learn where their food comes from and how to build healthy eating habits.

The investment she has made in her voice has helped her scale her business, make social impact, and change the mold of how a chef communicates with their staff.

Despite what you see on TV, she explains on our blog, that owning your voice as a chef is all about mutual respect. Sometimes having a woman owned and operated business can get sticky with male employees, but Chef Michelle uses the same respectful boundaries and approach with all employees for the overall healthy communication and culture within her company.

Feed your voice alongside Chef Michelle, who will be speaking AND serving a delicious lunch to our VIP ticket holders at Own Your Voice Summit.

Reveal the starting point of how to own your voice in your industry and grow your sphere of influence on October 19th at Greater Houston Partnership.

As the saying goes: luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.



  • Self (EQ)

    Foodies can be like techies, speaking isn’t your forte, you can either come across harsh or hesitant. That takes practice, and using your craft to create optimum speaking situations. If you’re going to public speak, bring the food with you - position your talk so that it’s not about the service you offer, but it’s about the experience. When you talk about what you love, your nerves will work for you, not against you.

  • Strategy

Find events that attract your target audience. Approach for half sponsor/ half payment, and ask them to champion your voice for you by doing a write up of you, allowing you to speak not just serve at their event.