VOICE OF IMPACT: Blanca Beltran

Your words are your voice.

Your Voice is like your fingerprint.

No one else has a voice that is exactly like yours.

One honest voice has the tremendous potential to make an impact by simply modeling for another person what is possible and how they can do it. Blanca experienced this first-hand after a wave of clarity and energy swept over her after hearing Sahar Paz speak at Beautiful Beyond in 2017.  

Blanca shares: “I was emotionally exhausted, but I knew something big was going to happen.”

That something big was Blanca owning her truth. She is no stranger to using her voice, for 18 years Blanca was a writer at ABC in Houston.  Despite being successful in her role Blanca did not feel like she had truly found her voice. She knew she wanted something different, but she didn’t know what that “what” was.

There is a difference between worrying what people think versus deciding how personal you want to be, and what you want to share with your audience. She understands the importance of finding, living, and sharing your truth now that she has broken the silence about her age and is actively putting an end to ageism.

Being vulnerable and authentic are important components to personal connection and personal branding. As we rise in ranks as conscious capitalists, regardless of our job titles, from anchors, to bloggers to the CEO of the next big energy company, your voice is your most powerful tool to achieve success. By communicating it properly, you can activate an entire community around your solution.

Just as the way a corporation brands a product by creating and reinforcing an image of their product that evolves with time, an aware and well positioned  personal brand voice can be reinforced through social media, scaling your impact far beyond the blocks of your local community.

“It’s never too late,” Blanca shared with us, “Don’t let age constrain you when finding your voice and striving for your dreams. Overcome fear and take action- don’t pay attention to nay-sayers and those who say it can’t be done.”

Use your voice to better your community - you never know who needs to hear exactly what you have to say.  Meet Blanca Beltran and other Voices of Impact on October 19th at Own Your Voice Summit, use Champion as your discount code.

“Don’t let age constrain you when finding your voice and striving for your dreams. Overcome fear and take action- don’t pay attention to nay-sayers and those who say it can’t be done.”

Self EQ:

Your spoken voice is powerful, but your inner-voice is what rules the your mind, fuels your emotions, and leads you to speak your decisions - we are talking cognitive behavior folks.

Courage, like creativity, comes with practice. The repetition is in both the doing and the feeling. The key is not to hold on and to own the bad feelings.  Before Blanca was sharing the truth about her age publicly on her social media profiles, she started with smaller steps of courage. Like showing a floppy handstand in progress to perfection - as a person trained to be on television showcasing anything below perfect was nerve wracking, but she did it, again-and-again. She didn’t entertain her inner-bully or the trolls on social media, and now she is hitting those handstands with grace.


This time we’re going to talk to you about strategy with your emotions, to build up confidence or courage it takes repetition and awareness of the patterns of your decisions.

Take note when you’re ready to get out of your own way, have that honest conversation with yourself like Blanca did. It’s going to take you talking yourself into it , because your pattern will be to talk yourself out of it in one of these ways:

All Or Nothing Thinking: A perfectionist tends to see situations in absolute black and white categories – thinking, for example, “I must be the best or I am nothing.”

Mental Filter: When your focus is exclusively on negative details, causing their perception of reality to become unrealistic. If they make just one mistake or someone disapproves just once, then it’s all wrong and anything positive flies out of the window.

Discounting The Positive: Even when you accomplish something, it’s as though it somehow doesn’t count. Invite a inventory of wins into your notes page or spreadsheet - the small wins should be taken into account for the reward center in your brain to start adding up your accomplishments.