“You have to take everybody that is around you to the next level.”

Sami Khaleeq summed up in one sentence the essence of our work at Own Your Voice. As a conscious capitalist and CEO of CG Studio, Sami doesn’t bow down to stakeholders he stands tall among his vendors and champions their success, investing in everyones sustainability.

His conscious decision making keeps long term cash flow in vision versus short term momentum.

Business owners often ask, what KPI’s should I be establishing and measuring. We’ve said it before and we will say it again: the best R.O.I. is R.O.R. (return on relationships). Invest in the voice of your workforce/vendors and everyone creates businesses with purpose and positive social impact.

Being an entrepreneur, and a conscious one at that, is not for the unaware or faint of heart. When you are facing the elements of entrepreneurship you wear multiple hats and you have to adapt - constantly.

It is in these moments that a quick answer for your business is not the best answer for the sphere of your business (employees, customers, community).

In our conversation with Sami he compared the entrepreneurs journey to water:  

“...you either flow or you crash.”

Owning the voice of your thought leadership is also like riding a wave, you’re constantly balancing your personal drivers with your professional voice. It’s a delicate and courageous dance we want you to master as a Personal Brand, and have curated a program at Own Your Voice Summit with that in mind.

“Everybody has a personal brand, if you have a Facebook or Twitter you have a personal brand. You can take it and build it, and then it builds you.” - Sami Khaleeq

Owning the voice of your thought leadership is not about more social media posts, it’s about aligning your personal mission with the work that you do, so you are not part of the 70 percent of American workers say they don't feel satisfied with their career choices

Self (EQ)

If you don’t believe in what you are doing, odds are others won’t either. Being a conscious capitalist and finding a way to purposely have a positive impact on society will naturally increase your drive. Before you get going, it’s important to pump your breaks and identify your personal mission statement. This is your code of ethics and a place to fuel your willpower.

  1. Know your outcome. Clarity is power.

  2. Know your reasons why. How comes second, why is this a must?

  3. Use your voice and take action.


MOVE! Building confidence is attributed to getting in the arena with your work, and it’s also in how you take care of yourself. Avoid living in a box: Take the stairs, stay active, and move as many muscles in your body as you can daily!

Then, breathe. Take 10 box breaths 3 times a day, unless you are pregnant, than you should NOT hold your breath. Visualize drawing the four edges of your box with each step:

inhale count of 4 | hold breath count of 4 | exhale count of 4 | hold breath count of 4 (repeat)