Authors: They Want To Know As Much About You As What's Inside Your Book


Authors, guess what?

Your readers want to read more than your book. They want to read YOU too!


Whether your book is fiction or not, you already hold the most powerful tool you need to promote it: Your VOICE. Speaking gigs are a proven way to drive sales, grow your audience, and get more folks on your mailing list.


The root of it all is communication. Own Your Voice Communications is a personal branding firm, specializing in helping thought leaders discover their brand and meet their objectives. We’ve got a few tips to share with you, so you can give your book (and presence) the exposure it (and you) deserves!


  • Planning your talks

Standing up in front of, let alone talking to, a group of people can be…terrifying. That’s why planning is so important. The goal is to get people to relate to your story, which begins with getting them to relate to you. Try to split your speech into three segments: Family history, research, and your life as a writer. Why not go the extra mile and show them physical items that inspired you? Oh, and be sure to welcome questions afterwards. Also, leave the book reveal to the end. A big finish will send them reeling…straight to the store to throw their money at the cashier for YOUR book!


  • Setting the Tone

Keep things light, and add in the occasional (natural, not forced) joke. People don’t like “pretentious.” They want to hear that you are human, honest, and unafraid to expose your feelings and motivations.


  • Be Yourself

It’s simple, really. Don’t try to be anyone you’re not. If you’re nervous, let them know, but OWN your vulnerability. Your audience will love seeing your human side. Remember, while you’re giving a speech, it’s important to treat it more like a conversation. Keep it real – always.


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