Rules of Engagement


In my last article, I touched on the ugly truth of Vanity Metrics, and how to create activation funnels that support your business objectives.


The meat-and-potatoes of successful online selling has a lot to do with establishing a sales funnel that doesn’t feel like one, and that all comes down to engaging content from a credible thought leader.


This article we are going focus on the basic rules of engagement so you can grow and retain an involved target audience as you take them through your click funnel.


First, up, it’s time to get emotional, and not just randomly - join us at the Own Your Voice Summit and we will dive into the emotional reaction you want to ignite a.k.a. secret of converting vanity into virtuous income.


The first step to getting emotional with your audience is stepping into their shoes. More often than not, you have several segments within your audience.


If you haven’t already, get clear on the top two segments of your audience. Avoid huge age and interest variables, get as niche as possible. Scour your Google, Facebook, Instagram, and newsletter analytics.


When do the likes, comments, and replies come pouring in?


What segment of your audience is most active with you…The vain? The brain? The hippie?


Get to know her and his online habits, what they read, where they go, what movies they watch, the causes they find important. Take the time to do this, it is a focus group at your fingertips, you are a fool to not pay attention.


Once you get to know them, speak to them by keeping in mind all that you learned from analyzing your insights, as well as, doing market research for your demographic.


Establish an emotional connection by revealing the humanness behind your brand or business. It doesn’t matter if your business is you or if you provide products and services under a separate name.

ecommerce website.

Your personal brand has a voice and a heartbeat, just like you, it’s up to you to translate that across your digital real estate.


You do that by building a strong online community.

Nickname your followers:

  • Beyoncé has her beehive.

  • The women I empower are my Shero’s.

  • SoulPancake has a company value of approaching all readers as if it’s their birthday – always in a celebratory tone.


So, what will you belovedly call your audience? What will be the tone of your messages and how will you respond to comments?


Invite your audience and your business into the same space. You can make this space in the comments of your Instagram, blog, or Youtube channel, perhaps you start a private Facebook Group, or host monthly web events like webinars or Facebook Live.


Invest your manpower wisely, as this way of communicating should be where your target audience engages with you the most.


Commit to your target audience exclusively.


After you’ve engaged your audience, and built a community – realistically this can take you a minimum of 2-3 quarters, your audience insights will tell you how to diversify your products or services in a way that meets demand of your audience.

Your insights serve as your product development team.


Once I tuned into my own insights I was able to see that although my written book was helpful, my readers really wanted me to guide them through it. By understanding this demand, I was able to build an online course to further engage my audience.


Make an internal note, the product or service you create based on these insights should be revealed exclusively to your community for two reasons.

To confirm your commitment to putting them first and really hearing them.


Internally, you are able to beta test your product and services within this niche group, before providing it to a larger audience.


These are just a few rules of engagement, although I’ve simplified them into three mindful pieces, there are a variety of ways to sustain your engagement. For that to happen, you have to commit to surveying the data from your audience on a consistent basis. As they shift, your business should to, this way you will always stay relevant in their minds.


As always, I always look forward to your comments and ideas. Share with me below, or attend the Summit and use your voice in person.