What Every Thought Leader Can Learn From Picasso

Picasso was sitting in a Paris café when an admirer approached and asked if he would do a quick sketch on a paper napkin. Picasso politely agreed, swiftly executed the work, and handed back the napkin — but not before asking for a rather significant amount of money. The admirer was shocked: “How can you ask for so much? It took you a minute to draw this!”


“No”, Picasso replied, “It took me a lifetime.”


Stephxhtx X TheLeague (2).jpeg

 When it comes easy to you, it’s your gift, and your greatest value-add to your personal life and your personal brand.  This is a sentiment Terry Williams reflected in our conversation with him alongside his wife and business partner, Ashley.


Together, it took them a year to come up with the business and revenue model, find investors, and a location, after 7 other contracts fell through! More on the in's and out's of their year-long journey to build The League in the video below. 


The concept of PAC(K) training, which is their custom workout program, came to Terry in a matter of moments.


It’s easy for him, because he has been studying the body for YEARS.

When it comes easy, don’t doubt it, be proud about it.

You’ve tapped into the voice of your genius, now scale it.

The business of fitness is a saturated market, but Ashley and Terry Williams are leaders of the PAC(K), learn from their voice and wisdom below (or click here) and join them live this October 19th at Own Your Voice Summit.

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