VOICE OF IMPACT: Denise Hamilton

“If you lose your temper you lose your power.” Denise Hamilton

Owning our voice isn’t about raising your voice, it’s about rising to the occasion in a strategic manner.

These critical conversations take practice AND it doesn’t hurt to have the actual conversation modeled for you. Truth be told, this very sentiment is the driving force for Own Your Voice Summit- a day of dialogue on display so you, as a man or woman, know how to approach conversations when leading, pitching, negotiating, marketing, recruiting, and making your mark as a conscious capitalist.

When it comes to modeling these conversations, Denise Hamilton, CEO of WatchHerWork, has cultivated more than 6,000 filmed examples. When I sat with her to talk about her view on technology, joining voices as women and men, and running an organization as a conscious capitalist, she eloquently summed it up as:

“Instead of making a point, let’s make history.”

You can watch our full discussion here, and join Denise at Own Your Voice Summit on October 19th.