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Whether you’re a thought leader in the making or an organization looking to diversify your marketing strategy with an influencer program, maneuvering through this landscape can be confusing and a confusing waste of time and energy.

Solopreneurs and CMO’s  take note of Connie Gomez. Founder of Houston Latina Bloggers and Momma of Dos. She has partnered with brands from McDonalds to Ford to your local mom-and-pop. From the beginning she aligned a fee for her microblogging  (take note solopreneur’s) and her engagement has been authentic even when her following was small.

The bigger the brand the better to get it in hands of an influencer with a small following. There is more authentic interaction with other users, and the algorithms aren’t paying them too much negative attention, just yet.  We’re talking to the Walmart’s of the world targeting latino customers. Tapping into Connie’s Houston Latina Bloggers collective of over 300 solopreneurs, you get access to a tribe of social influencers whose audience ranges from few thousands to few hundreds of thousands - that’s what we call scaling your voice.  


An influencer isn’t just a millennial with a social media obsession. Personal brands with an authentic voice and smart positioning have the ability to influence sales.

Looking to get into a room where the voices of social influencers and big brands collide? Join us at Own Your Voice Summit on October 19th at Greater Houston Partnership.

For now, we feed your voice with this:

  • Self (E.Q.) - What is their vision of success?   When it comes to pitching to a sponsor don’t get in your head, get into theirs.  Keep that in the forefront and you will get your yes! We got our yes from Southern Cadence Cuisine who is sponsoring lunch for VIP ticket holders at Own Your Voice Summit!

  • Strategy - How to find the up and coming influencer in a sea of social profiles? Find out where they are offline. Start your search with events in local markets for bloggers and Instagram influencers.  They are photographing and geo-tagging, which makes it easy for you to find them. Find the event, and you will find your group of influencers all in one neat geo-targeted-setting.

Sahar Paz