VOICE OF IMPACT: Danelia Argueta

The workforce is prepared to take a 32% paycut in an effort to find more meaningful work that feeds their purpose.

Having motivation and passion is not enough however, it takes understanding (listening) to what the market needs, and an internal strategy to sustain. As they say, a dream without a plan, is just a wish.

Danelia Argueta, founder and CEO of Beautiful Purpose, found the need to her purpose, and through strategic listening, and a lot of passion, brought her why to life becoming the solution and resource so many women needed. She candidly tells us  - women juggle a lot, and by juggling and managing, we think we have it all figured out. Truth is, we don’t. She took this knowledge and began testing her social groups, but found there was an even greater need than just a network, she needed to build a community. A community that partnered with professionals outside of her expertise to create something that was soul filling and what her audience needed.

By listening to others voices, Danelia was able to own her voice and what was in her heart. She let her passion drive a strategic business plan that began with healthy conversations, which built a community, which in return lead to commerce. However, she stresses that you can’t let yourself get in the way of your success. You have to start somewhere, even if it’s just one tweet or one blog post.

As they say, a dream without a plan, is just a wish.

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  • Self (EQ):

    • The more intellectual you are, the more you ponder the purpose of life. Living life above the shoulders keep you stuck and in a silo. First step to bringing an idea to life, is being able to articulate the idea to someone. Write a paragraph, not an elevator pitch, and share with a dozen people, 1:1, to get out of your head, and understand the need to the market. Paragraph: Problem you’re solving + Your solution + New reality once they’ve bought your solution.

  • Strategy:

    • Find networking groups that are outside of your industry to encourage yourself to articulate what you do in a more relatable manner. Those who speak the same shorthand keep you using the same type of communication, and that ultimately is not the best way to scale your voice or your mission.