The Foundation of Your Personal Brand


Your personal brand is your essence.

It’s not about who you know, but who knows you.

It's what they say about you when you're not in front of them, in marketing we refer to this as your positioning.


Building, maintaining or improving a personal brand is one of the most convoluted marketing initiatives as you’re not dealing with a product, but a person, and most often, that person is you.


If you are starting to create your personal brand or have been entrusted to manage one, here are four pillars to building your plan.



Pamper your image on the Internet. Nowadays, any public figure controls everything she publishes and measures what is said about her. Remember, internet trolls are real, and we will be talking about the energy they are worth at Own Your Voice Summit.


To curate an effective digital fingerprint, it’s wise to form a brand voice guide to start the practice of gaining followers and recognition that are interested in your curated message. This approach to communicating your personal brand to your audience will stand the test of time as it is a targeted approach to storytelling, establishing trust, and generating prestige.


Be visible and accessible

You cannot hide in your office behind your computer waiting to build your brand. What you need is to go out and make yourself visible. It does not help to be a professional if nobody really knows what your profession is. Networking is one of the key points to gain visibility and understand the needs of the market.


Owning your voice in networking is key to leaving a lasting impression. Our advice: Do not introduce yourself to the world by focusing on your own needs and seeking your personal benefit, instead ask questions to understand more about the drivers of the person in front of you.



Define from the start how you want to be identified and maintain that style in your audiovisual content. Keep in mind that your website, social networks, and videos must have a cohesiveness.  That does not mean that you become monotonous, it means to have an organized personal brand guide that assigns a clear mood to your brand imaging.


Quality content

It brings value to your audience, it builds their lifetime value with your brand.

Think about what your followers expect from you and try to adapt to them.  Find out from your audience how they like to be communicated to, stay curious versus falling into the error of believing that you know everything about your reader.


Interaction with users

The way you engage your audience is the central axis of your personal brand’s success. Respond to all comments, questions, and suggestions you receive, and have average responses ironed out in your Brand Voice Guide.  A common mistake made by personal brands is ignoring negative comments, this is where we come in to remind you, that no answer, IS an answer.


As you define and activate your personal brand, don’t leave the data behind. It’s important to know who knows you to nurture relationships that allow you to grow a sustainable business.


We champion voices of impact and are excited to meet you all and answer your questions in person this October at Own Your Voice Summit in Houston, TX.