Grow your brand. Get paid to use your voice. Expand your impact.

An exclusive mastermind group for those who want to own their voice.


Build Your Personal Brand.

Monetize Your Thought Leadership

Expand Your Influence.

Develop Public Speaking Skills.

Be A Leader In Your Field.


You have something to say—and value to give.

What you don’t yet have is the exact blueprint to provide this value and amplify your voice.

You shouldn’t be wasting your time trying to figure it out on your own.

Your time is more valuable than that.

The Own Your Voice Mastermind is a unique growth opportunity to build your personal brand and speaking skills—with branding, content and presentation experts to help you at every step.

The Own Your Voice Mastermind Was Made For:

Executives, entrepreneurs, small business owners, non-profit leaders, authors —and anyone who wants to expand their influence and monetize their thought leadership.





Get personalized guidance from public speaking and branding experts

JANUARY 26: Discover your personal brand and your Brand Voice. Plan a sustainable content and social media strategy that brings influence—and ways to monetize your thought leadership.

FEBRUARY 23: Flesh out your annual strategic plan that includes social impact initiatives. This session will be co-led by our Chief Impact Officer, Lauren Postler.

MARCH 23: Market research and monetization strategies will be defined, including information, resources, and next steps for the following revenue streams: speaking, book publishing, digital course, app development, academic partnerships, board development, and events.

APRIL 27: Develop your keynote or personal brand story with master storyteller and speechwriter, Tom Jackobs. You will also practice your Impact Talk, gaining feedback from public speaking and presentation experts. Walk away with an outline of your Signature Impact Story.

MAY 18: Complete your personal brand with professional headshots and video of you speaking, a critical piece to communicating who you are, your why, and the impactful solutions your thought leadership provides.

*JUNE 15: Possible overflow session for photography and filming.


 When is the last time you took your desire to make money from your thought leadership and made it an action item on your list?

An Exclusive Opportunity For 12 Thought Leaders


From January to May of 2019, you have an opportunity to make your thought leadership a real priority and genuine focus.

Growing and learning alongside 11 other professionals, you’ll work together with professional speaking and personal branding experts who will give you the tools, advice and actionable steps that empower you to speak, lead and influence.


The road to impactful speaking is littered with those who made rookie mistakes. They failed to create a sustainable online presence. They failed to learn how to pitch. They couldn’t identify worthwhile speaking partnerships—and those they were better off turning down.

Own Your Voice has helped hundreds of professionals become well-paid public speakers whose content and social media strategy sustainably scaled their influence and impact—without the rookie mistakes.

The Voice of Impact Mastermind class will put you shoulder-to-shoulder with some of Houston’s premier business leaders and influencers who, like you, are there to grow their impact and position themselves as a thought leader.

Complement your experience from the Own Your Voice Summit and join us, one Saturday every month, from January to May 2019.

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Save your spot; 4 spots are already filled!



Learn from branding and public speaking experts while developing the content, knowledge and plans you’ll need.



Use the expert guidance and network you gained from the Voice of Impact Mastermind to grow your influence and monetize your thought leadership



This exclusive event is limited to just 12 attendees, so register now to save your spot.

Own Your Voice Summit Attendee Investment: $4,500

Investment: $5,500
Payment plans are available


Let us answer your questions.

Who is the Own Your Voice Mastermind for?

The Own Your Voice Mastermind is an exclusive opportunity for those who want to use their voice and influence for impact and income.

They’re entrepreneurs, writers, attorneys, artists, doctors and marketing experts—and they’re out to own their voices.

What will I gain by attending the Own Your Voice Mastermind?

By joining us for 6 months of intensive personal brand identity and public speaking strategy creation, you’re going to love getting:

Personalized help in developing your personal brand and expanding your influence in your areas of expertise

The structure and best practices to become a paid speaker and thought leader, plus insight on highly lucrative business structures and strategies

A fully formulated social media presence and content creation strategy, creating a winning online presence

Public speaking practice, coaching and feedback that will leave you prepared for your first keynote

Plus, you’ll work alongside 11 other influencers who will soon become valuable parts of your personal network!

Why are attendees excited about the Own Your Voice Mastermind?

In a few words: those who have already signed up want to grow their influence and earnings as a public speaker and thought leader.

Building a personal brand and polishing your public speaking takes focus, effort and expert guidance, helping you avoid rookie mistakes and allowing you to capitalize on your influence faster.

It also means having an effective social media and content strategy to grow your online (and offline) influence. It means knowing the ins-and-outs of the public speaking business.

It takes a professional who has something to say—and say it well—to build a profitable income as a public speaker, and that’s why our Mastermind exists.

Where will the Mastermind sessions be held?

The Mastermind group will meet in-person at CityCentre Houston for local attendees and is also available via a virtual online experience for out-of-town attendees—or those on the go!

When will the Mastermind group meet?

From January to June, Mastermind group members will meet every third Saturday to develop their personal brand and gain skills as a public speaker.

How can I save my spot for the Own Your Voice Mastermind?

Follow this link to save your spot now; of the 12 original spots, 4 have already been reserved. Move quickly!

Questions? Get in touch with us here.