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Your brand deserves to be heard.



With a unified voice, you are 100% clear on your brand and who your brand is for.

Using language and a style your audience understands is key to building a connection (and converting them into customers who believe in your brand).

Establishing brand voice guidelines ensures consistency and reinforces who we are, no matter where customers find us.

Brand voice tells people if you’re right for them or not, helping you focus your marketing efforts and spend on the right customers.

Failure to speak clearly to audiences results in poor performance, misplaced marketing spend
and, even worse, completely turning ideal customers away.

When team members forget or neglect the brand DNA or is missioned to attract a certain demographic, these misguided attempts to speak in the voice of the audience or directly address a disrupting competitor can lead a brand astray. It is painful to watch, and can make recovery difficult.

Brand voice has been around since brands first started talking, but it’s more important now than ever, because there’s a whole lot more competition for attention, brands are generating more content across more platforms and audiences are more engaged and alert than ever, constantly encountering brand messages through a variety of media.

“Brand voice is the purposeful, consistent expression of a brand through words and prose styles that engage and motivate. It’s true: The personality of your brand is determined, in large measure, by the words you use and the sentences you write.”

The cultivation, management and protection of that voice requires a deep understanding of what the brand stands for and what it does not. It needs an organizational commitment and a strong directive to be consistent. Brand voice should flow from a series of strategic, internal decisions that map back to the mission and vision of the organization. And yet, under the strain of distributed marketing functions and real time responses, all too often we see that voice falter and an off-brand, off-voice message appears instead, contradicting the carefully considered, cleverly crafted (and pricey) marketing and advertising efforts.

A Brand Voice Is Not Singular

Identifying the right voice for your brand is about more than just choosing one that sounds good on radio advertisements, social media content or TV commercials.

For many companies, the brand voice is not exclusive to a single person or a single audience, but is embodied and experienced by everyone who has an affiliation or encounter with the company. Just like the human voice, a brand voice carries a spectrum of emotions, and it behaves differently depending on the context or scenario. The distinctiveness of your voice should come through in its consistency; no matter what the circumstances, it should always embody the agreed upon brand values.

Brand Voice Agents Must Maintain Brand Voice Consistency

All the hard work you’ve put into creating a strong brand voice will be lost if other areas of your company don’t recognise the different points of brand interaction. Look at it this way: if you have one department responsible for creating your voicemail messages, while another writes the customer service scripting and yet another delivers the commercial content, there can often be a huge divide in messaging and tone. No company would dream of allowing HR to devise one logo while Sales uses another—and yet many companies fail to recognize the importance of a cohesive brand voice.

This is why businesses must have a Brand Voice DNA Report of their brand, ensuring those who are managing brand guidelines across all areas present a consistent, clear brand voice. Whether this is the chief brand officer, the marketing department or another role entirely, all employees must understand how the brand voice is expressed across different touchpoints. Not only will this ensure your brand voice is successfully upheld, but it will be nurtured and evolve in tandem with business growth.

Consider How Your Voice Affects Your Audience

A brand’s voice exists in both your internal culture and the external brand experience, so it must leave the right impression on everyone that encounters it. Brands must know how they want people to feel once they’ve interacted with them and adapt the voice accordingly.

Whether the audience is a new client or a potential new hire, your voice is a major factor in deciding whether or not you’re a fit in terms of product offerings, values and credibility.

Brand Voice DNA Report

Brand Voice DNA Report

A defined brand voice positions your business and tells what you do, what you believe in and who you help, no matter the medium... A Brand Voice gives your service impact and engineers trust in your prospect’s mind, creating a brand that is united by a common message, tone and style.

For this, your brand copy must be carefully crafted and consistent. Let us create your Brand Voice DNA Report to give you, your team, and your vendors guidelines to keep all your communications on track.

We’ll help you build a brand voice that becomes synonymous with your unique selling proposition. It’s more than colors and font, it’s name and presence that radiates likability.

A brand that sticks in the memory remains relevant.

We can write all your brand copy for you, or give you Brand Voice DNA Report that will allow you to hold true to your brand identity in every piece of communication, internal and external.

From a tiny tweet to a 15,000 word whitepaper, own your Brand Voice!

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Are you re-branding or launching a new initiative? We also host Give A Voice To Your Values workshops for companies that need to explore and define their identity. We help you identify USPs, vision, mission, core values, brand culture, brand personality and your brand voice.

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